Our Vision, Mission
and Values

Our Values


HGHES and the programs we deliver are based on the principle of mutual respect, for each other and for the ecosystem of which we are part. HGHES respects and learns from the leadership of the Haida Nation.


By making higher education available in Haida Gwaii, HGHES contributes to community diversification, vibrancy, and well-being. We enrich the lives of the people who come to Haida Gwaii, from across Canada and the world, to study and teach.


Our community and place-based approach to education provides students the opportunity to learn from local knowledge-holders in addition to their professors. Bringing together diverse groups of people to work and learn together fosters new ideas and innovative solutions.


HGHES strives for excellence in all our programming and aims to distinguish our organization internationally for providing exceptional transformative educational experiences.


HGHES subscribes to rigorous ethical standards, delivers on our promises, and is transparent and accountable to our students, faculty, and the partners and supporters who make our work possible.