Haida Gwaii Semester Community Service Learning Presentations
December 8, 2016
Natural Resource Studies 2016 – Student Presentations
December 13, 2016

Haida Gwaii Natural Resource Studies Semester Closing Ceremony

This past Wednesday marked the close of the 2016 Haida Gwaii Semester in Natural Resource Studies, the 11th semester hosted by the Haida Gwaii Higher Education Society. The HGHES honoured the occasion with warm words and an evening of delicious appetizers provided by Kay Bistro.

Carrie Anne Vanderhoop K’iinuwaas, Academic Lead for HGHES, began the night with congratulations for the achievements of each and every student during their time here, recognizing the completion of their courses and the learning done inside and out of the classroom. Certificates of completion were distributed and one student was additionally honoured by his peers with a homemade diploma celebrating the completion of his undergraduate degree.
Several students then spoke about their time on the islands, the bonds they had formed in the community and with their class, and what Haida Gwaii has taught them.

Members of the board of directors spoke about the bigger picture of the HGHES and the role this group of students has played in the community over the past few months. They closed down the evening by thanking the group for taking a ‘leap of faith’ to leave their home universities and come to Haida Gwaii.

Over the last three months, this group of 18 students has had the chance to explore the islands, meet many new people, and hopefully learn a bit in their hours in the Haida Heritage Centre classroom. They have done an admirable job of integrating into the community and making the most of their time here. The HGHES would like to commend all of the students for their hard work and dedication and wish them the best of luck on their journeys home and in future endeavours.

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