HGHES Alumni Update: Rhiannon Moore, Winter 2013
December 18, 2016
HGHES Winter 2016 Newsletter
December 22, 2016

Community Discussion Around Reconciliation Studies in Old Massett & Masset

On Thursday January 14th, community members from Old Massett and Masset gathered at Sherri’s Gas Bar to discuss the potential for a new Haida Gwaii Semester in Reconciliation Studies.

Board and team members from the Haida Gwaii Higher Education Society (HGHES) introduced the idea for the semester.

Emily-Sky Collins, Operations Manager, started off the presentations speaking about the current programming and context of HGHES. Patrick Shannon, Communications, next showed a video showcasing the impact that the Haida Gwaii Semester program has had in Skidegate and Queen Charlotte. Several community members highlighted their experience with HGHES programs and students:

Carrie Anne Vanderhoop K’iinuwaas, the Academic Lead for HGHES, introduced the proposal for the Semester in Reconciliation Studies in Old Massett and Masset. She spoke to HGHES’ desire to spread educational programming to other communities on island. The new semester would follow a similar education model as the southern programs, but would be based out of the north end of the island. A mix of local and off-island students would be able to explore the concept of Reconciliation using local, provincial, national and international case studies and literature, as well as through the discourse around the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Reconciliation Canada. Each of the five courses would be designed and co-taught by a combination of local educators and professors from universities across Canada.

The community discussion was closed with words from Jason Alsop, CHN Representative from Skidegate and curriculum developer, and Keith Moore, Vice President of the HGHES Board. Both spoke to their belief in the value of educational experiences in reconciliation, as well as to the potential benefits for such programming in Masset and Old Massett.

Throughout the meeting community members took the opportunity to ask questions, voice concerns and bring forth comments about the proposed semester. The HGHES team will be gathering all feedback and updating community members in future meetings.

Please contact us at academic@hghes.ca with any questions or comments, or to join our mailing list for updates on future meetings. We invite everyone to become involved and look forward to the possibility of introducing a new semester in Old Massett and Masset.