The Haida Gwaii Semester Admissions Committee carefully reviews applications to select students well suited to our unique programs, while aiming to build a student body comprised of diverse interests and backgrounds. The committee considers applicants who demonstrate high academic achievement, leadership skills, and an enthusiasm for learning.

We operate on a rolling deadline, which means that we accept and review applications until our programs are full rather than adhering to a fixed deadline. We encourage interested students to apply early.

HGHES is committed to equity and diversity, we encourage applications from Aboriginal students, students from various cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, students from the LGBTQ+ community, mature students, and international students. We also value the participation of Haida and local students and invite any interested people of Haida Gwaii to meet with us to learn more about our educational opportunities.

Step by Step Process

Please note that successful applicants are required to register with both HGHES and UBC.

Submit your online application form and unofficial transcript

HGHES will contact you to confirm your application was received. HGHES will review your application and contact you with our admissions decision within three weeks of receiving your application.

Once Admitted to HGHES

1. Pay Program Deposit.

Pay your $500 non-refundable program deposit to secure your seat in the program (the deposit is applied towards your HGHES program fee). Details on how to submit your payment are included in your acceptance package.

2. Register for your Haida Gwaii Semester Courses.

UBC Students

HGHES will initiate your registration for the Haida Gwaii Semester courses

Non-UBC Students
Meet with an academic advisor at your home university to obtain a letter of permission, this will help ensure that the fifteen 300-level UBC credits you earn will be transferred back to your home university. Make sure your letter of permission includes:
  • Your home university’s letterhead
  • A list of the courses you will take with HGHES
  • The academic session you are applying to (i.e. which semester you will be a part of)
  • Your current bachelor program and academic standing

Apply to UBC’s Non-Degree Studies department as either an unclassified, visiting, or access studies student (most will qualify as visiting students). When you are applying to the Non-Degree Studies department, follow these guidelines:

  • When asked: “Please tell us why you are applying to take courses at UBC through Non-Degree Studies” write, “Haida Gwaii Semester”
  • Under “Are you interested in on-campus courses” select, “Yes”
  • Under “Are you interested in distance education courses” select, “No”
  • Under “Please select a campus”, choose “UBC Vancouver”

3. Once you have been admitted to UBC and paid your tuition deposit, please contact HGHES to initiate your registration for the Haida Gwaii Semester courses.

4. Information on when and how to pay your HGHES tuition and fees is included in your acceptance package from HGHES.

5. After completing our program, please request your official transcript from UBC to begin the credit transfer process with your home university (based on your letter of permission).

Application Form

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